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December 25, 2003


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Mark Byron

I have such a mixed marriage; me, a Christmas Morning kid, married a Christmas Eve girl. Hang in there.


Hey! I've converted my family to Christmas Eve. With married kids now it actually is the greatest thing - they are with us on Christmas Eve and spend Christams Day with the other half's families. Of course we are also fortunate to be close geographically still so that we can do this.


Dear Lee Anne,

I left Christmas wishes at many other weblogs, but did not do so here... I hope that you and yours had an excellent Christmas, and are having a great holiday season. And best wishes for a great New Year's as well.

Keep up the great work with your blog...

God Bless!


I was fortunate and married a Christmas morning gal. Our only difficulty was that she was an "after breakfast" opener and I was a "first thing" opener. We've successfully compromised to "coffee first."


Obviously they must be opened on Christmas eve after church. Otherwise, how is Santa Claus supposed to know when to come? He can check to see what time you'll be away at Christmas eve service. He might get caught in the act by some late night child if he tries to come during the night.


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