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December 30, 2003


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I hope everything went well. I know this is a big step for her. (and you!)


i flunked my driving test the first 3 times! It was finally my (then fiancee) husband who taught me to drive without paralyzing fear and trembling. He was the one who worked with all our older children as they crossed that divide. 4 down, one who chose not to drive (she's 21) and one who is raring at the bit (she's 15). Parenthood is wearying, no?
Happy New Year to you and yours.


I too flunked three times! I have nightmares about that - the first time I took the test I made a few key mistakes and flunked. The next time I just completely blew the parallel parking, and the third time I passed by the skin of my teeth (I got a sixty).

On the bright side, I consider myself a pretty good driver today - I've never had a wreck in 24 years behind the wheel. Grace of God, of course!

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