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June 20, 2006


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Hi, nice post. I posted on this this morning as well: http://www.thechurchgeek.com/?p=114



I am a Presbyterian (USA) church member too, and I just read the same article this morning at Worldnet Daily (via AP). I agree with you completely. If anything, I think of the Spirit, the shemen, as seed --a masculine life-giving force, not a feminine birthing force. On the other hand, in Hebrew, Spirit is a feminine word and seems to have nurturing qualities (eg. Comforter). I think what we are looking at is a complex Trinitarian God who functions like a family within itself, but as a father/husband figure in relation to the church (his bride). No wonder we have difficulty putting all of this into words! However, I plan to adhere to the Biblical terms: Father, Son and Spirit... they're God's word choices, which is certainly sufficient for me.

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