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February 15, 2005


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I absolutely commit to praying with you for this, and that the Lord will provide soon and very soon.

Brian B

You have my prayers.


For some weeks the leadership at our church have been praying for the grandfather of a member. He has needed a kidney transplant. Monday he got it. Tonight our prayers were offers of praise and thanksgiving.

And I remembered you.

God bless.


I went through the initial testing to be a living donor 23 years ago - my sister turned out to be a better match, though.
I'm O pos so I don't think I could be a match, but if I could I'd be there.
remembering you in prayers, and hoping that God can work a miracle for you.

Lee Anne Millinger

Actually, Alicia, according to the donor materials I have from the Transplant Center, the Rh factor doesn't matter. I can receive from a Type O donor or Type A2, either positive or negative Rh. They test to match 6 antigens or genetic traits in the tissue typing, and the more antigens that match, the better the transplant will take. And donors need to be in good physical health themselves, no heart problems or high blood pressure, etc. so that they can handle the surgery with no problem. They would never want to put a donor at risk with the surgery.

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