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September 13, 2015


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I have fully neglected all but my herb garden this year and have wild basil popping up among the oregano but the oregano has to be cut WAY back. LOL My mint has taken over a bed and is moving into another bed without prompting so it has to be cut back. I had so few veggies last year from all my hard work I opted to just not do it this year. I have some decisions to make, too, and I think I might let the veggie bed grow back to lawn or build a fire pit in that area instead. It would be far more useful in this desert heat we get. I think I might try some pots with tomatoes next year instead or try more root veggies around the yard. My herbs seem to be the only thing I can keep alive when it soars into the upper 90 to 100 temps. It is only because they are in a shaded area I am thinking. I will still be giddy when the seed catalogs arrive in December, though! LOL Also, happy birthday my dear! Hope you have had a lovely day and I am so glad you are blogging again! :)

Lee Anne

Leann, I don't envy the challenges you have with gardening in the desert. Like everything else in my life, my gardening would be a lot better with more consistency. Like if I could apply my chore-a-day housekeeping plan to the garden. Really, I can get a lot done in 30 minutes to an hour. Much more than that, and I'm tired out. Even three times a week would be good. I just can't spend the whole weekend working in the yard/garden.

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